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Monkey King Reloaded

Funny Video

Watch YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo Videos Monkey King Reloaded published on 02 Nov 2018 In People & Blogs . Downloads video Monkey King Reloaded Full HD
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Sunny grows up in a bucolic zoo in China. Sunny imagines himself a martial arts expert and his hero is the Monkey King. Sunny has a good heart but because he's small he feels he has to constantly prove himself. Gugu, the assistant zookeeper, often saves him from bigger trouble. In one instance he screws up and manages to create havoc at the zoo. The next day, the head zookeeper bursts into Gugu's office. "Sunny, that's the last prank you're going to pull!" Gugu steps in to accept the blame. That night as Gugu works on a pile of extra paperwork, she is visited by three mysterious figures. They overpower and kidnap her. The next day the Monkeys gather for feeding time. But Gugu doesn't show up. Sunny freaks out, "I've gotten her fired!" Sunny dashes into Gugu's office. He sees from a security camera that the kidnappers are taking Gugu to a place called New York City. Sunny makes an important decision, to leave the comforts of zoo life to find Gugu. Sunny goes on a madcap adventure and ends up in New York's Chinatown. As he gets his bearings, a whistle blows. Sand, an honest policeman who can't believe he's seen a Monkey, and the chase is on. Sunny escapes narrowly into an old forgotten Buddhist temple. Sunny meets Baji, a huge ancient pig. Sunny tells his story and Baji realizes Gugu's capture is connected to the Demon King. Sunny realizes that Baji is the original Pig that helped the Monkey King. Baji reluctantly agrees to help Sunny on the condition that he follow a righteous path. Baji recalls a legend that one must find three pieces of the Demon Horn and this will lead the way to the Demon King. As they sneak through New York, Baji teaches Sunny powers to defeat the Demon King. Deep in an abandoned underground subway tunnel, the Demon King interrogates Gugu. The Demon King wants Gugu to read the Sacred Scroll to free him from his rocky prison. (show gugu refusing) The Demon King finds out from his spies that a Monkey and a Pig are looking for him and he sends out his Minions – Wind, Storm and Fire one at a time to intercept Sunny. First is the Wind Demon, who battles Sunny at the Belvadere castle. Sunny handily defeats the wind demon with his new powers. The second battle is with the Storm Demon at the Chrysler Building. Sunny uses the way of the Gorilla to send the Storm Demon back home. Suddenly they are captured! It's Sand, the well meaning but righteous policeman. "We can't have wild animals running around in New York!" Sand delivers the pair to the Bronx Zoo but as he leaves, he has some doubt.

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